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Anti theft license plate screws

Hey guys,Check these out. You can get them here.

Wholesale distributor of license plate screws, automotive and industrial hardware and supplies. Standard License Screws. 82-5503. Slotted Hex Washer Head Zinc Plated 1/4 X 3/4 Universal Description: Price: Order: 82-5503: $16.00 for box of 100 ($0.16 each) 82-5503: $72.50 for box of 500 ($0.145 each).


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License Plate Screws Anti Theft (1000+) $4.88 Auto Drive Stainless Steel Anti-Theft License Plate Fasteners Kit 26 $7.80 4Pcs/Set Chrome Anti-theft Screws Car License Alloy Plate Bolts Frame Screwscar $9.99 LFPartS Stainless Steel Rust Resistant License Plate Frame Security Anti-Theft Screws Fasteners (M6x20mm Machine Type, Black Caps) $16.90.

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Anti theft license plate screws